Our Turkey Farm

All our turkeys are naturally home reared in Willaston, Cheshire. Grown slowly to full maturity and prime condition, hung for 2 weeks for a fuller flavour to produce the ultimate Christmas turkey.

They forage in natural vegetation and grass and eat a diet containing at least 70% cereal with no animal protein or other growth promoters.

With zero food miles our turkeys are prepared on the farm using the highest recommended welfare codes.

So whether you select a white or coloured traditional Wirral turkey you know that each and every one has been lovingly grown and hand finished to achieve the best tasting turkey you can get.

Turkey Farm Turkey Farm Turkey Farm Turkey Farm Turkey Farm Turkey Farm

Wirral White

The 1940's saw the popularity of white Turkeys growing and the traditional breeds all but died out. White Turkeys are usually associated with more intensive production but our Wirral Whites are reared alongside our Wirral Blacks & Bronzes.

Wirral Black & Bronze

Today with the resurgence in the quest for traditional foods and flavours the Black has made a successful comeback. It has black feathers, dark shanks and loves to range and forage naturally. Distinctive by its black pens on pearly skin the Wirral Black, when hung, provides the speciality gamey flavour alternative to the White Turkey.


Christmas turkeys


Callum EdgeCallum Edge - Edge & Sons Butchers

Established in 1844 Edge and Sons is a sixth generation butchers shop in New Ferry. They have won numerous awards and are seen here with Prince Charles at Highgrove.

Edges prepare all our gammon and bacon and most recently our kid goat meat. The sausages are prepared by Callum using the family's 1844 recipe with only the highest quality pork and spices.


Pig farm

Nigel Jones at Leahurst Farm in Willaston rears our Gloucester Old Spot pigs on their small scale specialist farm where they are also raise the highest quality Lleyn sheep and Hereford cattle.

Pig farmer

The highest welfare standards are applied by Nigel and his staff of student vets keen to learn the best husbandry methods of British farming.


Gloucester Old Spot pigs

The Gloucester Old Spot is gaining in popularity combating the bland taste of mass produced pigs and has Traditional Speciality Guaranteed status putting it on a par with champagne and Parma ham!

For the first time this year we are rearing some of the pigs here on the farm!

Gloucester Old Spot pigs

In 2015 we started breeding goats that are fed on natural vegetation supplemented with cereals. We are building a herd but will not have any produce available until 2018.